SEO Workshop Experience: Free Training and Internship (20+ hours)-Punam Dahal

SEO Workshop Experience - SEO Workshop Experience: 12 days, 20+ hours, The knowledge and experience of a lifetime - Punam Dahal
SEO Workshop Experience: 12 days, 20+ hours, The knowledge and experience of a lifetime

SEO Workshop is a journey about how I went from knowing SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization to mastering the concept. This is my SEO workshop experience. This workshop was organized by Internship In Nepal (IIN) and UNICTS Nepal. This SEO workshop experience was insightful.

The Unfamiliar Territory

The first time I saw the post about the SEO Workshop, I recited its full form. And I ignored it. The next time I saw it, I was slightly curious but not confident enough to apply. As the saying goes, The third time is the charm. I finally prompted myself to register. Receiving the acceptance email felt like an achievement in itself.

The selection process was competitive, to say the least, as it welcomed everyone with a passion for digital marketing—SEO enthusiasts, students, and recent graduates with no prior experience required. The first phase was easy, but the second phase came with article writing. It was a humbling experience and showed how this was serious. Getting the final mail was a relief. This is how my SEO workshop experience began.

The Beginning: How the SEO Workshop Experience Started

The first day finally came with a meeting link on August 1. The sessions were held at 8:30 p.m. That was the day we got to meet our mentor, Abhas Adhikari, Sir. The whole SEO workshop experience has been insightful just because of his mentorship.

That day, we learned how vast the concept of SEO is. We also got to know how we would proceed further in the workshop.

The Curriculum: What did the SEO Workshop Experience include?

The comprehensive 20-hour course spanned over 12 days. This SEO workshop taught us all about the types of search engine optimization: keyword research, on-page SEO, and off-page SEO. We also learned about technical and local SEO with live examples from our mentors.

In every lesson, we had assignments. They were to be submitted before the deadline to be eligible for the following day’s class. That was a compelling motivation to learn. The work itself was practical enough for us to implement what we learned. In a nutshell, the workshop provided the best learning experience.

Our Mentors: What have we learned?

The main mentorship regarding the concept of SEO came from Abhas, sir. He taught us about SEO and its types with practical examples. We learned about keyword research, the difficulty of SEO-friendly content writing, plugins like Yoast, and rank math. Not only that, but we worked practically on various websites like for real experience.

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We also learned about off-page SEO and Local SEO towards the end. He went out of his way to bring a new guest member who is an expert in their field to share their experience.

On the first day, we learned about UNICTS Nepal from Kushal sir, while on the last day, Alok sir shed some light on its parent organization, UNI Nepal. We learned about ICT worker unions at the national and international levels. We also gained insight into Nepal’s labor laws.

From Broadway Infosys, Nitin Sir gave us an insightful presentation on digital marketing. We learned about the difference between traditional and digital marketing strategies and how SEO, though extensive, is only an aspect of them. He gave us a slight insight into PPC and ROI, too.

We also welcomed the digital marketing officer from Khalti, Samir sir. He shared his knowledge about SEO and SEM, how Google evaluates page content, and the concept of EAT (expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness). He also mentioned the three stages of the marketing funnel: Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion.

From the Digital Buzz company, we had Sujit Sir, who informed us about Digital Buzz and gave us insight into the internship requirements to secure an internship.

And finally, technical SEO expert Saraswoti Mam shared her knowledge of SERP, crawlability, and indexability. She showed us all about Google Search Console on a live screen.

The Road Ahead: After SEO Workshop

I am grateful to have been a part of such an educational experience. I would also like to thank Internship Nepal and UNICTS Nepal for organizing the SEO Workshop. This SEO workshop experience was a truly memorable moment in my career.

This SEO workshop provided me with knowledge and experience about SEO. It also taught me the power of continuous learning and determination. I look forward to completing the final assessment task, which requires all the knowledge I gained about SEO from the SEO workshop.

Last but not least, I will encourage anyone interested in attending such a workshop but lacking the confidence to do so. It will all be worth it in the end.

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