Free SEO Training in Nepal 2023 with Certification and Internship

Hello SEO Enthusiasts,

We want to express our sincere appreciation to all the participants who joined us for the recently concluded “Free SEO Training in Nepal with Certification and Internship” event hosted by Your enthusiastic engagement made this event a success, and we’re excited to have you on this educational journey to explore the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Your feedback is vital to us as we continue to refine our offerings and provide the best possible learning experience. Please take a few moments to share your thoughts and opinions about the event through this quick survey: [Survey Link]. Your insights will help us enhance future events and tailor them to your needs.

Let’s recap some of the key highlights of the event:

SEO Training in Nepal

Duration for SEO Training in Nepal

The comprehensive 20-hour course covered crucial aspects of SEO, from grasping search engine algorithms to mastering keyword research and on-page optimization.

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Internship Opportunity

Upon completing the SEO course, you’ll have the chance to embark on a 3-month internship. This phase will allow you to put your newfound knowledge into practice, work on real projects, and delve deeper into SEO strategies.
Eligibility Criteria: The event welcomed individuals with a passion for digital marketing, SEO enthusiasts, students, and recent graduates—no prior experience required.
Instructors: Our team of seasoned SEO professionals provided personalized guidance, ensuring an enriching learning experience.
Course Content: The curriculum encompassed a wide spectrum of topics, from SEO fundamentals to search engine algorithms, keyword research, on-page and off-page optimization strategies, analytics tools, local SEO, and much more.

Certification for SEO Training in Nepal

Certification: Successful completion of the SEO course and associated assignments will make you eligible for a recognized certification from and our co-organizers. This certification will undoubtedly bolster your profile when pursuing opportunities in the digital marketing and SEO domain.

Event Date and Format: The event took place online, commencing on 1st August 2023, with sessions held at 8:30 PM. Eligible candidates received the event link for access.
As we move forward, remember that the internship phase will initiate once the assignments are completed. We’re eager to see you apply your acquired skills and knowledge in real-world scenarios.

Thank you once again for your active participation. Your commitment to advancing your SEO expertise is truly commendable. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need assistance during the internship phase. And thanking our partners”

SEO Training In Nepal: Partners

If you participated in the workshop, comment on what have you learned. Share your experience.

Participants who submitted assignments to the SEO Workshop

  1. Ishan Pokhrel
  2. Anish Bista
  3. Pratiksha Shrestha
  4. Aakriti Budhathoki
  5. Jenish Bhujel
  6. Resham Kumar Thapa
  7. Dibesh Babu Shah
  8. Sudin Muni Bajracharya
  9. Barsha Fullel
  10. Samir Fullel
  11. Nabin Paudyal
  12. Dhiraj Kumar Ray
  13. Vision Ghimire
  14. Jenish Pyakurel
  15. Utsav Adhikari
  16. Rajan Khanal
  17. Aditi Karna
  18. Lalita Rokaya
  19. Punam Dahal
  20. Nisha Kiran Gnawaly
  21. Aashish Pariyar
  22. Ayush Bhattarai
  23. Bijay Bikram Dhakal
  24. Drishya Bist
  25. Unique Shrestha
  26. Sanjib Maharjan
  27. Pragati Dahal
  28. Kamal Pandey
  29. Nishant Timilsina
  30. Chandra Prakash Chaudhary
  31. Samiksha Acharya
  32. Bishal Paudel
  33. Sujita Ghlan
  34. Sonam TashI Lama
  35. Ghanshyam Joshi
  36. Marshal Tamang
  37. Nimesh Bhattarai
  38. Dhiraj Shah
  39. Elina Maka
  40. Nabin Katwal


  1. Uttam Bantawa Rai
    August 14, 2023

    In this SEO workshop of 10 days I have learned about diffferent search engines

  2. Hemlal Bhattarai
    August 14, 2023

    Day 1: I learned about a detailed introduction to types of search engines.
    Day 2: I learned about keywords and types of SEO.
    Day 3: Long tail and short tail keywords
    Day 4: Learned about tools like Google Autocomplete
    Google Related Search, Answer the Public, Google Trends, SEM Rush, Uber Suggest, Google Keyword
    Day 5: How to find Search volume and Competition.
    Day 6: Keywords implementation in HTML codes
    Day 7: Where to apply keywords. (Meta description, Titles, and other)
    Day 8: Yoast SEO plugin and how to use it to make article SEO friendly.
    Day 9: Knowledge about the Rankmath plugin.
    Day 10: Technical SEO, Google search console, Robert.txt file, Indexing, Google Analytics .

  3. Uttam Rai
    August 14, 2023

    In this SEO workshop of 10 days I have learned about diffferent search engines, different types of seo, how seo helps in digital marketing, keyword research using different types of tools, how to look for trending contents, technical seo, webmaster, robots.txt and also i got to learn from people from different fields. I have been dilligent and submitting my assignments and doing everything i have been asked to do so i am surprised that i was not selected i always remained till the last of the workshop i think i wrote my name in the edited form yesterday at the end of the workshop instead of writing yes as i was supposed to. That maybe the reason i was disqualified and if there is another reason and if i did really something wrong i ask you to give me annother chance .

  4. Aditi Karna
    August 14, 2023

    what is SEO? Names of SEO, Types of SEO which are monetary, organic, paid ads, SEM
    Ethics of SEO : white hat SEO, Black hat SEO, Grey hat SEO, Negative SEO. Technical : ON page, OFF page
    Local SEO.
    Keywords , Types of Keyword: short tailed keyword, long tailed keyword, Middle tailed keyword, short term fresh, Longterm evergreen and Seasonal keywords.
    Keyword research, Keyword Analysis, Keyword Implementation.
    Tools to research keyword: Google autocomplete, Google related search, Answer the public, Google Trends,, Ubersuggest, Google keyword planner.
    Where to use keyword?
    2.Meta description
    Also Content writing, Nepalipedia Word press Yoast tool, how to analysis SEO, how to improve Readibility and about Domain and Hosting through Nest, Rank math, Inserting Royalty free images and Google search control, Scope of SEO, Technical SEO, CRAWL, SPIDER
    And also about UNICTS organization, UNI, Paila creations, Khalti, Digital Buzz, Nest nepal.

  5. Hemlal Bhattarai
    August 14, 2023

    Day 1: I learned about a detailed introduction to types of search engines.
    Day 2: I learned about keywords and types of SEO.
    Day 3: Long tail and short tail keywords
    Day 4: Learned about tools like Google Autocomplete
    Google Related Search, Answer the Public, Google Trends, SEM Rush, Uber Suggest, Google Keyword
    Day 5: How to find Search volume and Competition.
    Day 6: Keywords implementation in HTML codes
    Day 7: Where to apply keywords. (Meta description, Titles, and so on)
    Day 8: Yoast SEO plugin and how to use it to make article SEO friendly.
    Day 9: Knowledge about the Rankmath plugin.
    Day 10: Technical SEO, Google search console, Robert.txt file, Indexing, Google Analytics.

    Sorry sir, I misunderstood the exact assignment and the timeframe to complete it. I knew to comment but I was listening to Saraswati Dangal Ma’am session, and I thought to do it later, but I forget it. I accept my mistake and I promise I will not repeat it again. I want to attend today’s session. Please give me one more chance.

  6. Sujita Ghlan
    August 14, 2023

    What is SEO? search engine ko barema, location anusar search engine ma search garda different results aauxa. Types of SEO: On the basis of monetary aspect, on the basis of ethics, on the basis of technicality, on the basis of location.
    Keyword, Types of keyword: On the basis of length, On the basis of expiration, on the basis of role
    Way of keyword research
    google autocomplete, google related search,, google trends, semrush, ubersuggest, google keyword planner
    one day digital marketing separate session, and domain name and web hosting another separate session
    in wordpress site, seo and readability check gareko through yoast seo
    technical SEO

    Sorry for the inconvenience, I was unable to submit my assignment on time from today onwards I will be more attentive and submit my assignment on time.

  7. Drishya Bist
    August 14, 2023

    a.1. August 1: Introduction to UNICTS Nepal, Browser vs Keyword
    2. August 2:Types of SEO(monetary, ethics, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, technical SEO)
    3. August 3:Types of Keyword( short, middle, long-tailed keyword)
    4. August 6:Keyword Research( semrush,ubersuggest, google trends)
    5. August 7: Digital Marketing and opportunities in digital marketing
    6. August 8: Digital Market funneling, of domain, status, appearance of website over the years)
    7. August 9: Introduction to Yoast SEO(nepalipedia)
    8. August 10: Domain Hosting(Next Nepal,
    9.August 12: UNICTS(trade union), Editing with Yoast SEO( explanation of internal and external links)
    10. August 13: Technical SEO, Internship opportunity with digital buzz and Saraswati ma’am

    c. Link to my IIN profile:

  8. Rabin Regmi
    August 14, 2023

    i have learn from this workshop 1 to 10 days are
    introduction of SEO, importance, scope
    search engine type, type of seo, ethics, technicality, local seo
    what is keyword, google trends, KD(keyword difficulties),
    seo tools(SEMRUSH, Uber suggest google keyword planner)
    ads in google tools and setting,
    counseling from paila technology
    writing article explain about search volume,

    how to use the keywords, what is meta discription, heading, link,paragraph
    linking bank account to khalti, introduced with khalti team,

    similarly introduce with domain hosting, how to get free domain hosting,fintake digital market
    giving the wordpress site for practising,
    and doing on page seo or content seo ie making content green on rank math and yost.
    get discount for using ICTNESTNEPAL promocode for hosting on NestNep
    and explaining about Technical SEO on
    at 10 days we end our session on
    google search console to with mam
    explain about text ROBOTS.TXT ie (ALLOW and DIALLOW)
    introduce to page speed insights

    explain about keyword density

  9. Ghanshyam Joshi
    August 14, 2023

    Day 1:Introduction to SEO and search engine name
    Day2:Different types of SEO on the basis of monetary aspect, ethics,technicality
    Day3:Keyword and and types of keyword short, long
    Day4:Keyword research semrush
    Day5:Digital marketing funnel domain and web hosting
    Day6:Keyword implementation about title, meta
    Day7:Yoast SEO
    Day8:Domain and web hoasting
    Day9: Rank math
    Day 10: Google search console

  10. nabinkatwal
    August 14, 2023

    Day 1: I got to know about what type of organization is UNICTS is and tasks of UNICTS,types of search engine like google ,bing ,etc.
    Day 2:I got knowledge about different types of SEO like technical seo,on-page seo,etc.
    Day 3:I learnt about different types of keywords like short tail keyword,long tail keyword,medium tail keyword.
    Day 4: I understood concept about researching of keywords in different sites.
    Day 5: I got knowledge about scope of Digital Marketing impact of digital marketing in today’s world and career opportunities of digital marketing.
    Day 6:I learnt about meta title with description ,,,checking character online,html and viewing page source.
    Day 7:I got concepts about wordpress,yoast seo tools,making seo friendly content,fintech and got to learn about khalti app.
    Day 8:I got knowledge about nest nepal which provides hosting service of website and what unicts does after that we implemented seo optimization using yoast seo.
    Day 9:Shankar lamichhane sir came and told about different knowledgable things about trade union which fights for the rights of workers,rank math,internal link and about different sites from which we can get copyright free images.
    Day 10:I got knowledge about internship with digital buzz then Saraswati dangal mam came and taught us about google search console,technical seo,internship with saraswati mam,free lancing in SEO field,robots.txt file, and indexing.
    I should be given another chance to be in class because i have 100% attendance record and I completed all the assignments and submitted but i forgot to paste the link of yesterday assignment which was to comment on a post which I completed already. I was the first person to complete yesterday’s assignment to comment on the post but i forgot to paste the link in assignment form.So, please give a first and last chance.I am very passionate about learning .

  11. Bhim Bahadur Thapa
    August 14, 2023

    From the First day Day1/2
    What is Seo?
    Search engine optimization is a process for improving and enhancing our webpages or content to increase traffic visibility in search engines.
    Type of SEO:
    Type of SEO in basis:
    On the basis of monetary:
    Sem(Search engine marketing)
    On basis of ethics:
    Whitehat Seo: follow the guide of Google’s standard rules and regulation
    Blackhat SEO: not following the guidelines of Google standard rules and regulations. Task that can be visible for google but not for human
    Grey SEO: follow and unfollow rules & regulation basis of the situation
    Negative Seo: targeting others’ content page. The action does for harming others. Without concern about own
    On the basis of Technicality:
    On page: on page SEO is done inside the content page in order to optimize Ex: Using keywords in the article.
    Off-page: Off-page, seo is done outside the content page used for branding our content.
    Technical: used for checking the validity of the content. is your content is technically fit or not, ex: font size, visibility.
    Day 3
    Keywords : keywords are the terms used to improve ranking of the content. Basically gives the overview of what content is subjected and help user to find the topic of related queries.
    Types of Keyword :
    Short tailed : basically contain 1 to 3 words.
    Long tailed : basically contains more than 3 keywords
    Middle tailed : basically known as support keywords

    Short term keyword : Used for short period of time. also know as fresh keyword for ex: Dashain 2080 offers, new year 2024 slc result of 2078

    Long term keyword: used for long period of time . Ex: result, horoscope, birthday today weather
    Seasonal keyword: used for basis of situation , time. Ex : Dashain song, election result
    Day 4
    Researching of keyword:
    Researching of keyword refer to what people search/ query in search engine. Reaserching of keyword can ber done with following:
    Google search engine
    Google auto complete
    Related search of result

    Continue in data comparision of using it in a way to compare data from specific time duration specific location. Knowing about rising and top trending word in limit of time.
    Using semrush tool for for keyword analysis
    Viewing unpaid features of semrush tool also ubersuggest/neil patel.
    Analyzing keyword search volume, keyword difficulty, cpc,
    Researching of serach volume keyword and writing an article related to search volume keyword compition low.

    Intrudicing with digital marketing funnel : is a kind of funnel use to filtering from intial phase to implementation phase : ex filtering workshop membership from phase wise
    Title : title should not longer than than 55 to 65 character and contain keyword in a title.
    Metadiscription : should containg 145 to 165 characters. Including keyword. Displaying and focusing in keyword which should display and answer user’s query.,, google search console for collecting data , information ex: facebook User interface in 2016

  12. Maunata Makim Magar
    August 14, 2023

    Day 1- Monetary types of SEO (Organic, Paid, and SEM), and Ethics of SEO ( black hat, white, grey, and negative), Technicality
    Day 2- About keywords, types of keywords (long tail, short tail, and medium tail), keyword research google trends,
    Day 3- Google Trends, answer the public
    Day 4- Semrush, ubersuggest
    Day 5- Digital marketing vs traditional marketing, scope and future of digital marketing, social media and email marketing
    Day 6- Characters for title (40 to 60 characters) and meta description (150 to 160 characters),, semrush, ubersuggest
    Day 7- Make our article seo friendly on wordpress nepalipedia
    Day 8- Absent
    Day 9- Minimum labour wage, labour rights, and labour law
    Day 10- Absent

    I apologize for my recent lack of participation in the class and for not submitting the assignment on time. I was unexpectedly struck by a severe case of eye flu and high fever, which significantly hindered my ability to engage with the course materials and complete the assignment within the given timeframe. I fully understand the significance of active participation and timely submissions, and I deeply regret any disruption caused by my circumstances. I am actively recovering and am committed to swiftly catching up on the missed content and assignment. Your understanding is greatly appreciated.

  13. Bimal Paudel
    August 14, 2023

    Here are the things I learned from this session from day 1 to day 10 :
    — About SEO and its types, Google Autocomplete
    – Different condition where SEO differs,Google Related Search
    Answer the public
    – How keyword plays crucial part while increasing the rank, Google Trends
    SEM Rush
    – About html and tag, digital marketing, email marketing, career opportunities,
    – About wordpress and yoast and rankmath extension
    – All types of keyword, smallseotools,
    – Terms of keyword like long short seasonal, internal structure of SEO, how to meta descriptions and what it should be
    – Different sites to optimize keyword, khalti and nepalipedia
    – Digital Marketing and condition of it all over the world
    – Domain and Hosting, Nest Nepal- a hosting providing platform
    – About labour laws in Nepal and exploitation, optimising SEO, Internal links, upload royalty free images, rankmath plugin
    -Google search console, robots.txt file, Technical SEO, freelancing in SEO, why crawl is important
    above written are the insights i gained from this SEO session.
    I understand that my past behavior might not have met the expectations of the class, and for that, I genuinely apologize. I want to assure you that I am committed to making a positive change and improving my performance in the class. Here are a few reasons why I believe I deserve another chance: – I acknowledge that I have not been attentive and struggled to follow instructions. I take full responsibility for my actions and understand that they have impacted the learning environment.
    – I am genuinely motivated to improve. I value my education and the opportunities the class offers. I recognize the importance of active participation and effective learning.
    -My previous struggles have taught me valuable lessons. I understand the consequences of not paying attention and not following instructions, and I am determined to avoid repeating those mistakes.
    #here is my completed IIN profiles link

  14. Siddharth Gurung
    August 14, 2023

    Seo stands for search engine optimization
    This line of web rechnology deals with the presentability of a website
    The visual appeal must be optimized for bith user as well as bots
    What is bots ?
    In simple terms they are google bots.
    Whenever you type out a search query google bots get into action to deliver the multiple pages of result
    So why is certain website is higher in the placement than others- it is because these bots rank all webpages based on certain para meters
    And understanding this parameter is nothing but mastering the art of seo
    Not only google bots every search engine have bots
    Parameters differ among different search engine- same keyword in different search engines you will find different rank for the same web pages.
    Till 2007 any search query would provide just 10 blue links on the first page of the result.
    Google brought the “universal search” feature around this time. From here on, additional tabs like”images”,”news”,”videos” started showing up on the same page.
    But at early 2010 google faced huge problem with crammed with bad websites like yahoo, many people abused the usage of backlinks by creating artificial websites just for sole purpose of earning a backlink, due to this original content wad taking a huge hit in terms of rankings.
    In order to combat with it google launched an update to its search algorithm “ panda” and “penguin” update
    After 2015 the mobile device queries from mobile were higher than desktop and google updated itd search result to algorithm to be mobile frienfdly and with this intent the searvh become more localized in nature querie like “restaurant near me plumber in my are etc.
    Microsoft partnerned with yahoo came up with bing but stil gooogle holds 70% of worldwide searches done on the web
    Back then there was lots of key word spamming but slowly more and more factors started being recognized for grading the websites
    Black hat techniques
    Spamming acticities ,content farms and link farms
    We don’t have to remember exact url of any websites like early days just the keywords for our query
    Unethical ways are called black hat seo techniques in the contrary white -hat techniques are the ethical ones. These refers to maintaining a good keyword density in your webpage,accepting backlinks from verified sources,submitting your websites to recognized repositories
    Different aspects of seo:
    On – page
    Internet initiative – the way back machine olden days websites
    Good webpage vs bad webpage for seo
    There are many websites with different purposes and if we go by yahoos approach of creating a database foe each new page that comes up we will be dealing with billions of such row entries
    Visual aspects-we human understand the difference between the sizes of the text. Headers are normally something which are written in big and bold letters in order to draw our attention
    Html tags
    This brings us to ou first html tag introduction for seo . bot uses html tags to understand the text importance. Since it cannot understand the visual felling of a page it tries to gauge it by looking at the code tags around it. If a particular text is wrapped with a header tag, then the bot assumes that it is something important that the web page is trying to convey.

    Header tags
    The heading tags for seo;
    most important
    2 most important
    3 most important
    4 most important
    5 most important
    6 most important
    The header tags in html runs from h1 to h6 where h1 stands for the biggest header and so on the numbering continues. Bots give s[ecail attention to the text which is written in h1 tag
    Next question is what to write or consider text in these tags
    So finally I understand how key words come upto and the most important terminology in seo
    A search query given to a search engine as an input consists of nothing but keywords. Each wword becomes a keyword. A web pages intent is defined by its keywords.
    Different places for keyword
    For every key words the web page is trying to provide the solutions it can be picture text etc. seo is all about using the right keywords at right places in your web page.
    Important places of a web page(header tags) important keywords must be used.
    Title tag – it is very similar to header tags it an html tag called title.
    Google keeps updating serch algorithm with pandas and penguin updates which gives seo practitioners with newer factors to consider for optimizing their page. Title tag is favourite for everyone.
    Whatever text you put in your title tag appears to the user at 2 places-
    As one of the 10 blue hyperlink that appears on the search engine.
    In the tab area of a browser.
    The next html tag is meta description
    The 10 blue hyperlink results that come up after every search. The result page is called a SERP(search engine result page). In every serp,along with the title mentioned in bold blue font,there is always some text describing the web page. Content mentioned in meta description tag is what gets highlighted in the serp text. However it is not always the case as google keeps changing this field.
    Sometimes it shows the first few lines of the web pages as well in the same area.
    Meta description tag should describe in simplw sentences what the whole web page is about. Remember to have all these tags on each web is important that the bot understands the main intent of each web page by just looking at these tags.
    There are others tags as well that are seo friendly. One of themis meta-keywords.this one is soley for the bots where we can put in all the keywords as a comma-separated value.
    LINKS: inlinks and outlinks
    Inlinks are all the incoming links that are pointed to the web page.
    Outlinks are all the outgoing links that are pointed to other web pages from your own web page. A webweb page will ideally have certain inlinks as well as certain outlinks. Each link that takes you away from the web page is an outlink. Whereas each link that can take you back to that same web page is an inlink

  15. Elina
    August 14, 2023

    I have learned about what SEO is and scopes of SEO. Learned about keywords, seo tools. Additionally, how to make readable content. We got various knowledge from different persons from differemt companies like khalti, paila UNICTS and other expert in SEO. And yesterday on 10th day we were at google search console to by sarashwoti maam.

  16. Swapnil Shrestha
    August 14, 2023

    From Day 1 to Day 10, I’ve learned the following:

    Day 0: The meeting took place in Google Meet and was like a Demo class for upcoming workshop.
    Day 1: I learned about the basics of SEO and its importance in online marketing, we talked about Keywords
    Day 2: The focus was on understanding different types of keywords and how to conduct keyword research effectively using tools like Semrush.
    Day 3: I learned about on-page optimization techniques, including optimizing meta tags, headings, and content structure for better search engine visibility.
    Day 4-6: We learned advantage of internship, comparission of traditional marketting and digital marketing, we wrote article on our college/course and also our favourite movie
    Day 7: We learned about WordPress and got access to Nepalpedia’s Admin WordPress
    Day 8: There was a free Domain and hosting session.
    Day 9: We learned the important of labour right
    Day 10: We learned about nepal ma digital marketing ko scope ani robot.txt file and search engine crawler ko barema

    I acknowledge my shortcomings in terms of attention and following instructions. However, I am genuinely committed to improving. I realize the value of this course and the opportunities it can provide for my future.

    Here is the link to my completed IIN profile:

    I understand the importance of this class and the impact it can have on my knowledge and future prospects. I am dedicated to active participation, regular attendance, and consistent submission of assignments.

  17. Sonam Tashi Lama
    August 14, 2023

    From day 1 to day 10, I learnt the following crucial parts of Seo :
    Seo, which stands for search engine optimization is a process of researching keywords and optimizing the contents of any businesses about their products, services, and to aware the public about their brands. It also helps in ranking the content on google search.
    search engine: Yahoo, Google, Bing, Baidu, Sogou, Yandex, Duck Duck Go, Naver.
    Different results for different location
    Types of SEO
    Normally two or three types on what basis
    From monetary aspects
    Organic SEO
    SEM ( Search Engine Marketing ) ( SEO +PPC )
    On basis of Ethics
    White Hat SEO – According to the rules of SEO
    Black Hat SEO – Without the rules of SEO guidance
    Grey Hat SEO – Both or mix of white and black hat seo
    Negative SEO – Ranking own content first by destroying other’s content
    On basis of Technicality
    On page
    Off page
    Local Seo
    International Seo
    Mobile Seo
    Video Seo

    Simply, Keywords are the words whatever the user searches on search engine.
    Types: Short Tailed = 1 to 3 words
    Long Tailed = More than 4 words
    Middle Tailed = 2 or 3 words
    Short Term Fresh Keywords = Keywords that are search for short term e.g. election result 2080
    Long term or evergreen keyword: keywords that are search always e.g. gold price
    Seasonal keyword: keyword that are search on specific season e.g. dashain offer
    Organic Seo
    keyword research, keyword analysis, Keyword implementation
    Data visualization
    Tools for keywords: Google autocomplete, google related, answer the public , google trends, SEMRUSH, ubersuggens

    We have to show fear to the competitors of different brands if we want to do their Seo. We can do that by showing the data of keywords that are searched the most.
    While selecting keywords, we have to pick the keyword that has more or equal search volume but less competition. The keywords with high search volume, less competition then it is the best keywords to do Seo.
    Niten Sharma sir with 15 years experience taught about digital marketing funnel and scope of digital marketing.
    Digital Marketing Funnel
    Uses of Keywords
    Title: The keyword should be on the title. Title should be about 40 to 60 characters.
    Meta Description : Short brief description of the content that shows below the title. It should be between 150 to 160 characters.
    Nest Nepal: a website for domain and hosting
    Subash Sir represented from Nest Nepal and showed us how to create website and take domain name.
    Domain and Hosting Session
    To create website, we can use WordPress, which is content management system, that allows you to create website without coding.
    We can take domain name for However, the name should be our original name which is on our citizenship. If we took different name the we won’t be able to register our company.
    For short time to practice, we can take our domain name free from the following:,,,
    But overall, is better.
    Power words are the words that gives emotional feeling to readers and helps to engage the readers on our website or content.
    Points to remember when content optimization:
    No numbers on keywords
    Internal link : It lets readers stay on your page
    Naked Link
    Outbound link : It takes the reader to another page or website
    Keywords should be in meta description too.
    Between every 100 to 150 words, there should be keywords
    Theme : Design of website
    Last day, we got to know about Google Search Console and
    It helps to rank your website.
    Search result, Robots.Txt.Tester- It test URL of praticular website, google bot or crawl, index, URL inspection sitemaps, redirecting to homepage, Page experience – mobile or desktop, User friendly Seo.
    Above are the things that I learned from our 10 days session.
    I am a student who needs these kinds of opportunity to start my career and I wanna get into digital world so, I can become digital nomad. Recently, I got to know about InternshipNepal accidnetly , while looking for internshiip on facebook.

  18. Punam Dahal
    September 14, 2023

    This was really an wonderful experience. To learn of my experience, do check out the article written by me sharing the same.
    Also, my articles written during the workshop:

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  • How to find best keyword for you?

Day 4 : Keyword Implementation

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Day 5-6  : Keyword Implementation

Day 7: Local SEO

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  • Website Speed and Performance
  • Mobile-Friendliness
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
  • Structured Data and Schema Markup
  • Internal Linking and Site Architecture
  • Broken Link and Redirect Management
  • Site Performance Monitoring and Optimization
  • Website Accessibility
  • Pagination and Infinite Scroll
  • Website Structure and Navigation
  • Meta Tags Optimization

Day 14 – 16 OFF-Page SEO

  • Link Building Strategies
  • Guest Blogging
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Forum and Community Participation
  • Content Promotion
  • Brand Mentions and Link Reclamation
  • Competitor Backlink Analysis

Day 17-18: SEO Audit

  • SEMRush
  • Ahref
  • Screaming Frogs

Day 19-20 : Revision

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