IT Internship in Nepal

Well, the world is never static rather dynamic. The form and the way of doing work have been changing since then. We should accept the fact that humans were self-trained hundreds and thousands of years ago but the scenario has quite changed in recent years. A new term ‘internship’ has been in frame in recent times and few others like ‘IT INTERNSHIP IN NEPAL’ ,’Interns in Nepal’ and so on. is been murmured among the crowd.


Internship is defined for a position of a student or a trainee, a formal work period or experience at a company or an organization where a university student (majority of) get opportunity to learn new skills, gain experience or work to satisfy a requirement for full time employment qualification. The students who work for the position are basically called interns.

Internship basically means ‘प्रशिक्षार्थी’ or ‘सिकारु’ in Nepali. The culture of Internship was common in the international market but it has recently touched the zenith in Nepal in recent years. The culture of IT Internship in Nepal has even been marked thoughtful by the university as some of them have included within the syllabus of Bachelor’s study.

Is IT Internship in Nepal only a formality or actually a need for students? Is Internship a waste of time or a valuable way to gain experience? What is the culture of pay of IT internship in Nepal?
These are the frequently asked or heard questions when a subject about Internship in Nepal arises.

Being based on the FAQs, internship ethically is a need for students. More precisely to a newbie in the working industry. Some self-learners who have already gained insightful experience during four years of bachelors study find it worthless because in most of the cases the interns are financially exploited as they are underpaid in the name of Internship in Nepal. Some newborn companies keep interns underpaid in the name of training them and making them fit for the labor industry. 

Especially in IT sectors, the internship should be effective and paid. The trainee should be exploited for files of work without any pay. Some companies have confused the word  laborers and interns so they are keeping interns under basic salary and snatching huge work returns out of them.

The Information and communication sectors have grown a lot in recent decades, so do the IT internships around the globe including Nepal. The various forms of IT internship in Nepal have become famous in recent years. Java Internship,Python Internship, Internship in UN Nepal,Front-end Internship, QA internship, database internship, nodeJS internship, internship in Nepal Rastra Bank are few frequently searched. There are many hiring or internship sharing platforms or companies which are serving undergraduates in recent days through verbal or digital notices lively or through the internet.

Java Internship in Nepal:

As java is a popular programming language designed to develop mobile applications, desktop apps, web applications, gaming and much more.High Level, class-based Java OOPs interns are of high demands in Nepalese as well as outsourcing companies in Nepal for various paid and unpaid positions according to their conceptual knowledge. Various payment, digital wallet companies are recently acquiring java interns in the genre of IT Internship in Nepal.

Python Internship in Nepal:

Python as a high level general purpose programming language supporting multiple programming paradigms including structured, object oriented and functional programming have recently been famous in the field of Data Science and Machine Learning. Companies like FuseMachines, NAAMI, leapfrog, deerhold have been a great occupier in Python Internship in Nepal.

Database Internship in Nepal:

When you hear about the role of DBA, they are searching for someone who can help in managing database performance, reviewing software and server performance, designing logical and physical databases,overall improvement of database efficiency, loading inputs into databases and so on. Various SQL databases interns are hired by outsourcing companies in Nepal, nowadays.

Front-end Internship in Nepal:

he role as a front-end developer in software development is more into creating and designing UI and UX of websites.The front-end development in the base level with the use of HTML,CSS,JS,etc creates things that the user sees. The role of these interns are frequently asked in the IT internship culture of Nepal.

Internship in UN Nepal and Nepal Rastra Bank:

The UN has also been releasing notice regarding the want of technical interns in various roles. If the interns have the intern in working with INGOs and top class financial institutions they can surf over the IT internship role at official websites of Nepal Rastra Bank and UN Nepal.

Platforms & Communities for IT Internship in Nepal are:

The platforms or communities  that helps you find IT Internship in Nepal are:

  • IIN ( Internship In Nepal)
  • Mero Job
  • Sharing Opportunity 
  • Intern Nepal
  • Intern Sathi
  • ITSNP (IT Students of Nepal)
  • IT Jobs In Nepal
  • Job Axle 
  • JobsNepal
  • Laimoon
  • LinkedIn 

And, many other freelancing platforms like upwork,fiverr and so on.

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