Get Internship in Nepal: 5 Powerful Strategies for Easy Success

Do you want to get internship in Nepal ? In today’s competitive corporate landscape, the importance of practical experience cannot be underestimated. Internship programs serve as invaluable opportunities for individuals to gain real-world exposure and enhance their skill sets. For newcomers without prior hands-on experience, embarking on an internship journey can be a game-changer. Internships not only facilitate work experience but also enhances your skill development and networking.

Common Misconceptions about Internship

Common misconceptions are there, like photocopying or coffee-fetching is the interns’ job. Over time, the roles and responsibilities of interns have evolved significantly. Many internships now involve working on projects within close-core teams, alongside executives. Both paid and unpaid internships offer space for learning and growth. Succeeding in an internship demands preparation and the right mindset.

Benefits of Internships in Nepal

In Nepal, a lot of colleges and universities emphasize the significance of internships, often making them a mandatory component of the curriculum. These experiential opportunities extend education beyond the classroom, bestowing students with a multitude of advantages.

During their college years, interns acquire hands-on experience that reinforces their academic learning, establishes connections, and provides insights into their chosen field. Internships continue to play a pivotal role in grooming students for their post-college journey.

Find Internship In Nepal

The Internship Procurement Process: How to Get Internship in Nepal ?

Once you’ve pinpointed your desired industry and field, search for suitable internship placements. Fortunately, the digital age has brought opportunities that can be explored without the need for physical visits to potential employers’ offices. One of the most convenient platforms for finding internships is, where a large list of openings awaits eager applicants.

Furthermore, a crucial step in the application process to get internship in Nepal involves submitting an internship request letter to your desired organization. Typically provided by your college, this letter outlines your intent and motivation to join the internship program.

Crafting a Winning Application:
In addition to the internship request letter, which is essentially a prerequisite for acceptance, other elements of your application deserve careful attention. Your resume and cover letter hold the potential to leave a lasting impression, even if you lack prior work experience.

For those who are new to the workforce, a well-researched and tailored resume objective becomes a pivotal tool. This objective should align seamlessly with the specific intern position you are vying for, showcasing your enthusiasm and potential contributions.

How to get internship in Nepal easily?

How to get internship in Nepal easily? This is the most asked questions by the students and freshly graduates nowadays. Here, we will be guiding you through the steps so that you can get internship in Nepal with less effort.

Complete your profile. Here is the step.

To get internship in Nepal Visit and click Login / Register. If you have already registered, type your email and password and log in. If not, you can see Don’t you have an account? Register. Click the Register. Since you are a candidate, click candidate and fill up your email. Type your password. To confirm, rewrite your password. Add your gender. Accept the terms and conditions and click “Register Now”. Now you will be able to sign in.

Now, sign in

get Internship in Nepal Login

After logging in, you will be redirected to user dashboard in Internship in Nepal.

User Dashboard

In the User dashboard, you will be shown with applied jobs by you. Also, your review and rating can be seen. The number of times your profile is viewed is shown alongside. If you are shortlisted by the employer, you can view its number over here. Your profile view each day can is shown in this dashboard.

Most of the candidates have common questions, “I am not shortlisted. Even my profile is not viewed by my employer. Why this happens?”

Its simple answer is you have not completed your profile.

How to complete my profile and get Internship In Nepal IIN?

It’s not that difficult. All you need to do is separate sometimes. Let’s see what your profile looks like.

In the Full Name section, write your full name. If it’s left empty, your employer will not click on your profile. So add your full name. Also don’t forget to fill your date of birth. gender, age. If phone number and email is not added, how your employer will contact you? So, you must need ti add your contact details. Also fill qualification, expeience time, language , expected salary. In show My Profile field, click show profile. Also write details about yourself in the section provided. Don’t be lazy.

Also, just below the “Profile Section”, there is “My Resume” section. There add,

  • CV
  • Education
  • Portfolio
  • Award and save resume.

This will create your resume in, this can be used during job applications.

How can my profile be more visible to Employers?

In your dashboard, scroll to the end. Do you see Skill % ?

Make your skill percentage more than 80% and get internship in Nepal

Think, if you don’t show off your skills, why should employers hire you?

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