Senior Customer Service Representative
NPR-30000 / month
October 30, 1999

About Candidate

As a skilled Technical Support professional with a passion for writing, I bring a unique blend of technical
expertise and creative flair to my work. With a background in Copywriting and Screenwriting, I have honed
my communication skills to effectively convey complex technical information in a clear and concise manner.
My analytical skills allow me to quickly diagnose and troubleshoot technical issues, while my experience in
Internet Service Provider Customer Support has equipped me with the patience and empathy needed to provide
exceptional customer service. Whether resolving technical challenges or crafting compelling content, I am
dedicated to delivering results that exceed expectations



Bachelor of Computer Application 4

I pursued my Bachelor's degree in Computer Application from ICMS Samarpan Academy, where I gained comprehensive knowledge and skills in various aspects of computer applications. The program provided a solid foundation in programming languages, database management, software development, and other relevant subjects. During my studies, I actively engaged in practical projects, honing my skills in languages such as Java, C++, and PHP. I also gained hands-on experience in web development, software testing, and problemsolving through internships and workshops. My education at ICMS Samarpan Academy equipped me with the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge to excel in the field of computer applications. I developed a strong understanding of programming principles, database management systems, and the ability to approach challenges creatively.

Work & Experience

IT Technical Support Specialist L2/Tier 2 2022 May - 2023 July
Websurfer Nepal Communication System Pvt. Ltd.

- Reviewed tickets from first-level support to identify major technical challenges and previous solutions attempted. - Took personal responsibility for the quality of work performed, ensuring high standards were met. - Monitored network infrastructure status using management tools like Nagios. - Detected and responded to alarms, opened tickets, and assisted with troubleshooting as required. - Tracked problems and resolutions using a Network Management System (NMS) program. - Ensured smooth ticket handover during shift changes following operations guidelines. - Installed, maintained, and resolved issues with LANs. - Configured file, print, and remote access services. - Maximized availability of network components. - Assisted Tier 3 or L3 staff by researching issues and providing documentation. - Effectively communicated causes of problems to end users and management. - Developed best practices, procedures, and training manuals, training users on hardware and software usage.

Cloudworker 2022 Jan - 2022 Dec

- Collaborated with team members and project managers to clarify task specifications and address any questions or concerns - Accurately entered and validated large volumes of data into designated databases, ensuring data integrity and adherence to quality standards. - Proficiently performed image or video tagging tasks, accurately categorizing and labeling visual content based on specific criteria or guidelines provided. - Effectively managed time and met project deadlines, consistently delivering high-quality results within specified timeframes. - Demonstrated strong attention to detail in data entry tasks, ensuring precise and error-free input of information. - Successfully adapted to different tagging projects and guidelines, quickly grasping project requirements and delivering consistent results. - Followed project guidelines, instructions, and quality standards meticulously, ensuring compliance with client requirements and project objectives. - Maintained a high level of productivity, consistently achieving or exceeding daily targets and quotas for data entry and tagging tasks.

Senior Customer Service Representative 2020 May - 2022 May
Websurfer Nepal Communication System Pvt. Ltd.

- Oversaw customer service operations as a Senior Customer Service Representative in an ISP (Internet Service Provider) company. - Managed a team of customer service representatives, providing guidance and support to ensure excellent customer satisfaction. - Handled escalated customer issues and complaints, resolving them promptly and effectively. - Monitored service performance and customer feedback, identifying areas for improvement and implementing necessary measures. - Conducted regular training sessions for customer service representatives, enhancing their skills and knowledge. - Collaborated with cross-functional teams to address technical and service-related issues, ensuring smooth operations and customer support. - Developed and implemented customer service strategies and initiatives to enhance customer experience and loyalty. - Maintained accurate records of customer interactions and transactions, ensuring data integrity and privacy. - Acted as a point of contact for complex or VIP customer accounts, providing personalized assistance and resolving issues. - Assisted in the development of customer service policies and procedures, ensuring adherence to company standards and industry regulations.

Junior Customer Service Representative 2017 Dec - 2020 May
Sky Cable Tv & Internet Pvt. Ltd

- Answered general client's questions - Managed client records - Collect customer requests and data - Attend to customer phone calls - Respond to user emails and social media messages - Conduct basic troubleshooting using questionnaires to find out the level of support needed - Create tickets for Level 2 support - Provide product information - Solve common problems such as username and passwords issues, menu navigation, verification of hardware and software, installation issues, and setup setup-box Tv and router.