About Candidate

I am a diligent and hardworking individual who completed an internship at IIDE, where i developed essential skills such as problem-solving, teamwork, and a strong passion for personal growth. I have a proactive mindset and are always eager to learn new skills to advance both professionally and personally. My dedication to self-improvement and my ability to work effectively in a group setting make you a valuable asset in any team or endeavor.



BBA Third semester
CAMAD college

I am a dedicated BBA student at Camad College, affiliated with Pokhara University. Known for my strong work ethic and quick learning abilities, I am committed to excelling in my studies and future endeavors.

Work & Experience

Virtual intern of digital marketing at IIDE ( INDIAN INSTITUTE OF DIGITAL SCHOOL) June 2023 - july 2023

I completed a virtual internship at IIDE, where I gained practical experience in the field of digital marketing.During my virtual internship at IIDE (Indian Institute of Digital Education), I had the valuable opportunity to immerse myself in the realm of digital marketing. This experience allowed me to acquire hands-on knowledge and skills that will undoubtedly contribute to my personal growth.