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December 13, 2001

About Candidate

I am Nirakar Adhikari, a dedicated and passionate individual in my 6th semester pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology (BIT) at TCMIT. My focus lies in web development, particularly in backend technologies using the MERN (MongoDB, Express.js, React, Node.js) stack. As I approach the culmination of my studies, I am committed to continuous learning and growth in this dynamic field.

My journey into web development began at DeerWalk Training Center, where I successfully completed an intensive 110-hour MERN Stack course. This program provided me with a solid foundation in JavaScript, with a particular emphasis on React.js. I refined my skills in utilizing React Hooks, delved into advanced JavaScript concepts, and acquired proficiency in global state management using React Redux.

Under the expert guidance of my trainer, Nitan Thapa, I not only mastered the technical aspects but also cultivated a problem-solving mindset essential for real-world applications. Subsequently, during my internship at Dish Media Network, I had the privilege to apply my knowledge in a professional setting. Collaborating closely with Software Developer Pitambar Koirala, I gained insights into the execution of IT projects in a corporate environment.

My internship also included working on a Technician Location Tracking system, providing me with hands-on experience in backend technologies such as Node.js and Express. This experience further enhanced my skills and deepened my interest in backend development.

The overall knowledge and skills acquired through my academic training and practical experiences have equipped me with a strong foundation in MERN stack development, with a focus on backend technologies. I am enthusiastic about the prospect of contributing my skills and energy to a dynamic team as a backend intern. I am confident that my background, including my work on Technician Location Tracking, will be a valuable asset to any organization seeking a dedicated and motivated backend developer with knowledge in the MERN stack.



Bachelor in Information Technology (BIT) Hons. 2021-2023 (Present)
Texas College of Management and IT (TCMIT)

I am currently in my sixth semester, which is also my final semester, of my bachelor's studies.

Work & Experience

MERN Stack Internship 2023 7th Aug - 2023 7th Nov
Dish Media Network Ltd.


Best Leadership , Best Presenter 2023