About Candidate

I am a quick learner, always open to feedback and eager to grow. These skills will not only benefit me during this competition but also in my future

Inspiring others is one of my core motivations in participating in this competition. I believe that true beauty lies in empowering others and making a positive impact

my strong work ethic and commitment to continuous improvement ensure that I will give my utmost dedication to this role.


and I am prepared to handle the pressure and expectations with grace and resilience. I will focus on maintaining a healthy work-life balance, seeking support from my mentors, and engaging in self-care practices such as meditation and exercise. By staying grounded, centered, and confident in my abilities, I will rise above any challenges and exceed expectations.”

Winning Face of the Nation 2023 would be a tremendous honor and a validation of my hard work and dedication. It would signify a tremendous milestone in my journey and provide me with a powerful platform to make a difference. I

. I believe that winning this title would not only be a personal achievement but also an opportunity to serve my nation and inspire others to strive for greatness.

I believe that setbacks are opportunities for growth and learning. Instead of allowing them to discourage me, I will view them as stepping stones to success. I will embrace constructive criticism, seeking ways to improve and refine my skills. Moreover, I will surround myself with a support system of mentors, friends, and family who will provide guidance and encouragement. By maintaining a positive mindset and focusing on my goals, I will overcome setbacks and use them as fuel to achieve even greater heights.”




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4 weeks long webinar on Financial literacy conducted by LOFA Pokhara in collaboration with national youth movement nepal.
Learning fest 3.0 2023 (jan 7 to jan 12)
by interact district (Rotary) 3292
Fundamentals of digital marketing 2023
By Google digital garage on 2023
Digital skill: Artificial Intelligence 2023
online course of 3 weeks by Future learn
International Economics Olympiad 2022
It is a massive open online version,
skills required for career advancement 2022
Generative AI 2023
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Wealth management 2022
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