Expectation of interns from internship

Internship is a period where an student learns a lot of things from an organization and employer to make oneself ready for job selection, job search and career growth. So I have tried to collect some point on general expectation of interns from internship regardless of faculty they are pursuing to make themselves successful.

– To feel the how the tasks are conducted in an organization.
– To know how the responsibilities are distributed among the employees.
– To gain knowledge on day to day task assigned and its execution process.
– To know what are the compliance, laws and rules to be followed by an employee.
– To know what are the steps to be followed to join an organization.
– To develop personal skill sets required future job selection, job hunt and career growth. Continue reading Expectation of interns from internship

What may be advantages to Companies of Nepal from Interns

Slowly we can see the trend of providing internship in organizations, companies , institutions of Nepal which we should accept in positive way. Development of this culture will not only be advantageous to students, freshers but is also equally fruitful to the organization of Nepal too. This blog post shall be covering on what may be advantages to companies of Nepal from Interns.

– Interns comes with fresh new generation or trends, so they may share a lot of things which can update the working environment.
– They can be passionate and dedicate to any kind of work as they may be doing for their passion or fulfilling dream. Continue reading What may be advantages to Companies of Nepal from Interns