Try Again

Many of us have felt or experienced that we get some small opportunity which might lead to some other opportunity. For the first opportunity, we might have struggled many times and missed several opportunities. Like in colleges, we select projects on the subject we want to work or get a job in future which may create a chance of some bigger project for somebody else.

We need to try again till we don’t some better opportunity as most of the time, we may not succeed in one or two shots. We need to try again learning from past experiences before settling so, go out to meet more people, do projects for other, contribute to society which will generate a good reputation in your field.

Seeking job is like bouncing ball which needs to bounce many times to settle on the ground. So, try again without walking away.


Habits are the jewels of a person which reflects his or her persona. With time and environment we need to adapt certain habits and leave some. It’s hard to learn and likely tough as old habits are left rarely.

You can hold on old habits but the future may shine on building some new creative and everlasting habits for the betterment of career life.

So, fetch and decide which you want to gain go get them.


Habits to succeed in internship

Internship is the first step to your career life so, one has to learn and do many things to get successful. Beside working hard, there are many traits and habits to succeed in internship period.

  • Prepare yourself: Prepare yourself across different perspective as you are the only one who has to take care and move ahead. Try to keep yourself healthy in terms of physical fitness and financially too. Hit the GYM every day and learn the basics of finance. Learn personality style and how to present yourself before others. If you focus on money, you don’t get money. Focus on adding value and that will bring you money.
  • Socialize: A life is not successful without real friends and colleagues. Earn them so that they are too passionate and eager to move ahead with you and get succeeded in life. Friends are real problem solvers no matter what they are up to. So surround yourself with good people whether its school, college, home, club etc.
  • Never stop learning: Learning at school may have been boring but following your dream should never brag you. So, beside your formal degree try to learn any thing which can elevate your personality. Grab opportunities to learn rather than following series, mobile games. There are many different sources of learning like coursera, udemy, Ted talks, Documentaries.
  • Be positive: I’m not an expert on this point still I suggest you to stay positive in every incident happening with you. With positive mind come great awareness and you can prepare yourself for every huddles on the way.

10 things to include in your CV for internship

The first step for application is to apply for the internship in the desired organization for which you may need to present your CV (bio-data). Since the CV demonstrates your qualifications, experiences and summary of all your achievements, it needs be well ordered, amplifying or say killer one. This post shall be covering 10 things to include in your CV for internship application. Below are some of the vital points when covered shall be resulting a good looking and impressive CV.

  • List your name and other personal information.
  • Try using genuine words in every element of CV even in email like may be blocker in back of the mind for the reader.
  • Enlist the qualification you have which could influence a hiring organization.
  • Sentences should be focused with short sentences. Long sentences or paragraphs may be avoided in most of the cases resulting your skills and experience explanation go in vain.
  • Continue reading 10 things to include in your CV for internship

Expectation of interns from internship

Internship is a period where an student learns a lot of things from an organization and employer to make oneself ready for job selection, job search and career growth. So I have tried to collect some point on general expectation of interns from internship regardless of faculty they are pursuing to make themselves successful.

– To feel the how the tasks are conducted in an organization.
– To know how the responsibilities are distributed among the employees.
– To gain knowledge on day to day task assigned and its execution process.
– To know what are the compliance, laws and rules to be followed by an employee.
– To know what are the steps to be followed to join an organization.
– To develop personal skill sets required future job selection, job hunt and career growth. Continue reading Expectation of interns from internship

Work hard

As mentioned in my earlier post How to prepare yourself for internship in Nepal, working hard is essential for any one to succeed in the field of interest. Work hard does not mean to do lots of work to satisfy seniors but its an act which makes you feel obsessed in pursue of your dreams. None sector are free from competition, so every one has to gear up to accept the challenges and feel the thrills and chills of the execution of responsibility daily. Continue reading Work hard

What may be advantages to Companies of Nepal from Interns

Slowly we can see the trend of providing internship in organizations, companies , institutions of Nepal which we should accept in positive way. Development of this culture will not only be advantageous to students, freshers but is also equally fruitful to the organization of Nepal too. This blog post shall be covering on what may be advantages to companies of Nepal from Interns.

– Interns comes with fresh new generation or trends, so they may share a lot of things which can update the working environment.
– They can be passionate and dedicate to any kind of work as they may be doing for their passion or fulfilling dream. Continue reading What may be advantages to Companies of Nepal from Interns