2 reasons of failure

2 reasons of failure

No matter how much we work harder and harder to achieve success in our life, there comes some situations where we need to face failure. We have to be aware of the things that can lead to failure too so that we can take care of them and prevent ourselves from failing. Here, I have mentioned 2 reasons of failure

1) Not having small Progress:
All the situations are the results of the deeds we have done in past similarly, all the moments we will be facing in future are the results of the work we do today. If we are successful today then its the result of hard work of yesterdays so we need to keep moving forward constantly and keep progressing each day no matter the task is small or large.

2) Satisfaction:
When we succeed in any kind of task then there is some sort of reward for the effort or recognition of service or goal achievement then we should not settle down with it. We have to move ahead to face more challenges and succeed more. Saturation can make your mind and body drag you back than others from the race of succeeding more and more.

So, I request you to keep these two things in your mind and march ahead to more summits of success.

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