10 things for rising developers

10 things for rising developers

This post is just my personal thought for the developers who are in the initial stage of their career who want to excel in their career. Being a web programmer, my points may be tilted towards it, even though here are the 10 things for rising developers from my side.

– Find what you are passionate about to code and why you are interested in the field so that remembering that it will keep on motivate you.

Social Presence
– Developers need to have a social presence in the trending social medias like FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Medium etc which could display what one is engaged in.

Portfolio Site
– Coders need to have a personal site which would display the list of projects done and jobs he or she was involved in past and present. It will help others to know about him.

– Don’t be mean in coding. Join a team or create one share the code so that one can share to other fellow programmers and learn from them. Join GitHub, StackOverflow etc to collaborate with others.

Work Smart
– Working smartly is a new trend rather than working hard. Being stubborn to the same profession may not be fruitful sometimes.

– Experience does not come from what you have been working from long, it is the stuff one has learned quick and has capable to implement it fast.

– One has to be clear how much one need to be paid for the upcoming project based on the requirements. The quote that you should be legit and stand out from same presented by others.

– Enhance your skill set, keep on learning new stuffs as it does not makes you your work slow rather helps you to integrate new plugins and minimize the workload.

Meetups and Socialize
– Your digital presence is not enough every time so you get involved in some local or global community of your interest. Participate in the meetups so that you can socialize with like minded peoples.

Never Give Up
– At last never give up what you are doing.

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