Feeling bored of what you are doing

Feeling bored of what you are doing

Being a human being, it is in our nature to seek new opportunities most of the times to escalate for better career and life on feeling bored of what you are doing. We keep the search ongoing till we don’t find the job we are dreaming of or achieve the goal we have set.

We feel anxious, hurried, worried and many other feelings till we don’t achieve them but after succeeding in those achievements, we may feel the same old feeling bored of what you are doing or in search of a new job or changing the habit.

So I’d like you to seek the change in the things you are doing to keep yourself motivated like Join different clubs or organization who are seeking some volunteers or engage yourself in some new ventures or join courses to learn new things.

If you do anything to cope the feeling bored from your job or feeling bored of what you are doing, then please share below in comment section.

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  1. This is why I write blog about technical stuffs which I use on my daily basis. Some times it feels boring to do the same task repeatedly, but then I think what if I could share this idea to others through my blog. This is what keeps me pushing.
    You can visit my blog: https://techjhola.com Comment there and give ideas on what should I be writing further.

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