12 Timeless Pieces Of Advice About Career

The future depends on what you do today.
-Mahatma Gandhi

Whoever is happy will make others happy too.
-Anne Frank

Everything I’ve ever let go of has claw marks on it.
-David Foster Wallace

Motivation is the art of getting people to do what you want them to do because they want to do it.
-Dwight D. Eisenhower

Go where you are celebrated—not tolerated. If they can’t see the real value of you, it’s time for a new start.
-Unknown Continue reading 12 Timeless Pieces Of Advice About Career

Try to be open

One may be in different kinds of situation depending upon the phase of the life one is living. He or she may have to face different kinds of challenges from society, competitors etc physically and mentally. No matter what may happen, one should always try to be open to any kind of challenges as it will lead to some kind of opportunity.

People who had been open to different kind of challenges or facing any kind of problems on their career path learn fast as they will be able to cope up such situation based on their past experiences. Continue reading Try to be open

Feeling bored of what you are doing

Being a human being, it is in our nature to seek new opportunities most of the times to escalate for better career and life on feeling bored of what you are doing. We keep the search ongoing till we don’t find the job we are dreaming of or achieve the goal we have set.

We feel anxious, hurried, worried and many other feelings till we don’t achieve them but after succeeding in those achievements, we may feel the same old feeling bored of what you are doing or in search of a new job or changing the habit. Continue reading Feeling bored of what you are doing

Never be one worded

If you are skilled about anything then you should be skilled enough to make anyone understand about it. I don’t mean you need to master it completely but if you get any circumstance to explain or share knowledge about it then you may need to explain basic things about it rather than just replying with one word. This will help you to create your credibility and exhibit your expertise. Such knowledge sharing can be an opportunity for you to some jobs as this demonstrates your potential in the sector. So, let never be one worded when we are asked something with regards to our skill. Continue reading Never be one worded

Keep yourself motivated

If you are planning this new year 2017 to be counted as one of the successful years compared to other years then you need to act wisely and achieve that goal. Beside your action on the goal achievement, you need to keep yourself motivated to move on. Based on my past experiences making a resolution, planning on it is far easier than executing those plans. Continue reading Keep yourself motivated

How to achieve goal

Many of us have new resolution for this New Year 2017. As mentioned in the earlier post now, we have to plan how to fulfill our zeal by the end of the year 2017. From past years, we may have thought that we are not able to complete the plans that we have thought as every new year resolution. Not every person in this world is able to have super focus and know how to achieve goal. Though we may not be working on the resolution does not mean we are not thinking about it so, we just need to have that tiny habit of doing small things to meet the new year goal. Continue reading How to achieve goal

Find your zeal

As we are in the new days of a new year 2017, if you are feeling low and indecisive of what to do then it is the time to start from ground level. You can try to find your zeal. Once you figure out what your interest or passion then it will be easier for you to move ahead with other plans.

Success does not come at once and easily. You need to have your skills tested under different kinds of pressure and undergo various hurdles to get succeeded what you are doing. Continue reading Find your zeal


HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017. Welcome to this first post of the new year 2017. In addition to it, we’d like you to remind the resolution you have made for this year. So, whatever the plan you have made for this year, please step up and start something on it. If you are confused then you can reach us via your comment in below section. We will reach out to you with a better plan to execute it successfully.

So, its time to work on those plans, resolutions and start to complete them. It will be quite tough to initiate it but we are sure you would complete it and happen by end of 2017 and thank yourself then. So, plan wisely on how to move ahead and get through all the obstacles with this new fresh mood of 2017.

Once again, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017.