Introvert Interns

Starting an internship in any organisation is an intimidating task for students. However, extroverts usually overcome their fear with time. They are good at networking and making new friends at a workplace. In meetings and in team discussions, they are quick to give opinions and express their views. They are better at showing their efforts and contribution. However, for Introvert Interns, it is a long intimidating journey ahead. They might be perceived as poor team players, unenthusiastic, and even inattentive.

Despite these demerits, introverts do have a competitive edge edge over extroverts. First of all, they have to accept their nature and use it as an advantage.

Advantages of introvert Interns are:
-Introverts may not be able to come up with ideas instantly during group discussion, and even if they have one, they think over it for a long time before expressing. Hence, their ideas can be of better quality as they are properly thought over.
– Introverts love to work alone and hence are better at focusing on their work.
– Though introverts do not appear competitive, they are competing with themselves. They have the desire to improve and be better as they are very self-conscious.
– They have good listening skills which are important during conversations and meetings.

Introverts can improve their work life by being honest with team leader or manager, and tell them that they work better when they work alone. It is highly likely that managers had such introvert interns before and would understand the situation. Also, before meetings and discussions, it is better if they analyse meeting agenda and prepare beforehand. Beside these I’d like suggest some practice some of the things to introverts as I have mentioned in here to be seen and followed.

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