Internship Experience by Bhupal Rai

I still remember sitting on chair waiting for HR to show me my workstation. At that moment I was so motivated by the people I saw working in front of me that, if anybody asks me ‘most motivated time’ then I always call that moment. It was the first day, after HR team have already given orientation about company culture, rules, activities and professionalism.

Initial weeks started with oracle database study and some SQL including Linux. I started experiencing the corporate culture and alongside these, HIPPA, Anti Bribery and Corruption (ABC), dress code, soft skills, Security compliance were new terms to me.

It was an obvious to call friends after every 2 hour for coffee and talk about the every single move made in a team, since 10 hours in average of straight study/work in a same place every day was very new to us. And the interesting part was, I was enjoying those days.

Motivation was something that made everyday enjoyable, even though the task deadline pressure was hitting me. Learning technical skill was one part of the intern, but most important to me was corporate culture. It was totally different from what we as a student expect would be.

Also, I cannot forget to mention the technically sound people who helped me not only in learning technical skill but showed the guidelines that made intern period much easier.

To sum up, internship time period in Verisk Information Technologies (VIT) helped in lot more way than I can explain and the most important thing is that I understood about how company runs.

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