10 things to include in your CV for internship

The first step for application is to apply for the internship in the desired organization for which you may need to present your CV (bio-data). Since the CV demonstrates your qualifications, experiences and summary of all your achievements, it needs be well ordered, amplifying or say killer one. This post shall be covering 10 things to include in your CV for internship application. Below are some of the vital points when covered shall be resulting a good looking and impressive CV.

  • List your name and other personal information.
  • Try using genuine words in every element of CV even in email like cool_guy@email.com may be blocker in back of the mind for the reader.
  • Enlist the qualification you have which could influence a hiring organization.
  • Sentences should be focused with short sentences. Long sentences or paragraphs may be avoided in most of the cases resulting your skills and experience explanation go in vain.
  • CV is to influence the reader if you match to their requirements or not so, try to offer your value to the organization interest.
  • Try using good words but don’t go for irrelevant ones or unnecessary references.
  • Try to present different cases such as what your past projects resulted, its impact in numeric like your automated product reduced cost by 15%.
  • Since internship seekers are just out of college, try to put education information above experiences and recognition acquired.
  • Rather that using words like “References available on request”, lets not include them.
  • Try using full name than abbreviated form for CV elements like College names, Degrees like lets not use KHEC for Khwopa Engineering College.

Please mention what you think about 10 things to include in your CV for internship as mentioned above. Any suggestions or your perspective on this matter is welcomed in below comment section. Thank you for reading it. Have a nice day.

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