Expectation of interns from internship

Internship is a period where an student learns a lot of things from an organization and employer to make oneself ready for job selection, job search and career growth. So I have tried to collect some point on general expectation of interns from internship regardless of faculty they are pursuing to make themselves successful.

– To feel the how the tasks are conducted in an organization.
– To know how the responsibilities are distributed among the employees.
– To gain knowledge on day to day task assigned and its execution process.
– To know what are the compliance, laws and rules to be followed by an employee.
– To know what are the steps to be followed to join an organization.
– To develop personal skill sets required future job selection, job hunt and career growth.
– To respect, acknowledge seniors and gain the pride of any kind of employment.
– To be punctual and keep confidentiality of employer and organization.
– To be familiar overall efforts to be made apart from daily jobs.
– To take benefits from organization and build characters sets to be beneficial for the employer and organization.
– To be professional, responsible and accomplish the assigned tasks.

Internship in reality will be different from expectations of an interns, as the environment of an organization affects it in different manner. So, interns should never feel down during internship even though the expectation do not meet to the par. Interns should always be seeker of new information and questioner of every process happening in the organization and learner of the impact of day to day assigned task. They should also be thinking what actually internship matters to their career growth and become successful in coming days.

The above points are just my thoughts and there may be many thing which can be noted down. So, please suggest me in below comment box. Thank you for reading the article and have a wonderful day ahead.

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