Internship Experience by Prajwol Neupane

Internship Experience by Prajwol Neupane

The Kickoff of final year started in hunt for internship, a full credit course in 7th semester and duress for every students to get their coveted Engineering degree. I am one of them, sitting on a chair in Civil Department at Kathmandu University, googling for hours on organizations, where I was going to step in.

My internship, the genesis of practical experience in professional environment started from 2015 – March with objective to get exposed with engineering duties and responsibilities, develop the proficiency to function in diverse engineering and managerial settings. Being student of Civil engineering with particular interest in hydropower, I with my 3 friends chose Middle Bhotekoshi Hydroelectric Project (102 MW) as the host organization, located at 101 KM from Kathmandu if you start journey through Araniko highway.

During our period of internship at the Middle Bhotekoshi Hydroelectric Project, I was acquainted with various construction activities and organizational features of a hydropower development project. I get to understand the functioning and working conditions of the project organization, enhance knowledge I gained in the University.

It was an opportunity to understand our line of work and prepare ourselves for the time we enter the mainstream as professionals, so that we can draw as much as possible from these experiences as interns and will not have to be a stranger to the working environment. I achieved boundless knowledge in hydropower development process. As lots of topics are esoteric and a single piece of paper will not delineate my experience, you need to face yourself on these matters.

Please go through the link below which provides guidelines to prepare yourself for internship in Nepal.

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