Work hard

As mentioned in my earlier post How to prepare yourself for internship in Nepal, working hard is essential for any one to succeed in the field of interest. Work hard does not mean to do lots of work to satisfy seniors but its an act which makes you feel obsessed in pursue of your dreams. None sector are free from competition, so every one has to gear up to accept the challenges and feel the thrills and chills of the execution of responsibility daily.

“work harder than you did yesterday”

While doing internship in Nepal, interns need to be aware of the ongoing processes and the kind of business model they have in the organization one have joined. If one can be clear of the job then he or she can easily be sellable which I mean to be fit for any kind of task type in the organization which will ultimately pay off in future.

So, its the interns who need to have the zeal to succeed not seniors not mentors not the organization for which one has to work hard.

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