How to prepare yourself for internship in Nepal

In one of the post of my blog, I mentioned guidelines for internship in Nepal.Today, I’d like to present some of the points to the new graduates or to be graduates on how to prepare yourself for internship in Nepal. Most of the companies of Nepal conduct internship to enroll such students or candidates who are keen and interested to work for them later on. But this is not only reason for internship other motive is to let the upcoming fellows to enhance their forte and grow such business in the country. No, matter what the reasons may be students who are seeking for internship in Nepal must be ready and know how to prepare yourself for internship in Nepal. So, I’d like to present some of the points below which may help you.

Update yourself
Students must be aware on different facts which may be ongoing on their field. They should be putting their eyes on the developments and the new upcoming enhancements so that they can update themselves on required time. If one nods to such course of changing situation then he or she may not impress the organization who are letting the opportunity for internship.
Create portfolio
Portfolio is the showcase of what one has done so as to make oneself get going with his or her passion on the field. Organization can realize what one is capable of or not with glance of portfolio and decide to enroll or not. So, no matter what the size of work you have done at time of study or later please mention it in your portfolio.
Work hard
This is your phase to show what you are upto with your interest, attitude and passion. So, never let yourself down with any kind of situation you are facing either in studies or else where. Flowing with the situation make you stronger and develop strong attitude to face any kind of challenges and make right decision for you and your career path.
Follow quality
If you try to develop a habit of being consistent with positive results on the things you do then you may be selected for internship as you demonstrate same to any kind of responsibilities assigned to you. Hence it will improve your forte and get internship you desire to grow your career.

I hope the above reading help you any way to prepare yourself for internship. Above points are just my thought and may be you have some additional point to refer. If you have any please do mention in comment below.

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