Fun of internship in Startup Companies

Internship should never always be searched in big and reputed companies and business houses. It can also be done in growing institutions too where there are lot more things to be done yet. As the growth is more in upcoming companies than the settled companies, interns get opportunities to get exposed to different kinds of tasks and understand how about of the situations and environments.

For the country like Nepal, where we are asked to finish studies and start earning asap, we may not be seeking the internship in startup companies as they shall be paying us low and less facilitated but on the contrary it will  educate them about the steps to come over to the tasks for which they are assigned to which shall be thrilling and exciting experience of internship. So, you can also feel the  like of some of them mentioned below.

– You can show that what your are potential of and demonstrate what roles can you play as a team player for one’s growth and that of the company as well. Interns shall be trained and made used to the day to day tasks to be done in the organization. Hence, Interns can learn more and participate actively in the institutions work.

– Interns shall be treated well in startup companies and shall be in focus of higher management once they perform well during their internship. We understand that there are more levels of employees in big companies of Nepal due to which interns may not be recognized for their tasks and may be feeling awkward if they are not hired after internship.

fun of internship in startup companies
fun of internship in startup companies

– Interns can be prone to go around different place with different motives as they can be simply assigned to visit different other organization to collect data, support and maintenance etc. This may lead to grow one’s network and can socialize to different kinds of customers and services available.

– You can observe and learn the key qualities to run an organization as most of the work has to be executed on own without being assisted whether it is printing a document or make an presentation or deliver some packages or visit any government offices to fill some forms.

– Since you are graduating sooner or fresh graduate you can feel the heap of work to be done which can lead you to be a successful leader. This will ultimately help interns to know about how to do things perfectly and implement it in their upcoming job.

May be there are lots of perks and advantages of doing internship in big companies in Nepal. I request the to be graduates and fresh graduates to startup companies give a try an learn about entrepreneurship.

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