5 Steps guide for Internship

5 Steps guide for Internship

Nowadays, colleges in Nepal are preparing their students with practical experiences of professional life from college days. They allow students to go to different offices, companies, factories of Nepal with purpose to see, learn some part of job execution and gain experience before they really enter the professional life. It will help the students experience professional life on own, update about current scenario of working environment. Moreover, this will also help the student to learn new technologies and get job soon.

As the students need to seek the companies providing internship of their interest, it is not an easy task. Students will be in dilemma how to seek and move ahead so that they can follow their passion. He/She may loose interest in course of searching the right company or institution. Below are some of the points which I have collected 5 Steps guide for Internship to make that period easier and how to prepare themselves to seek internship in desired companies of Nepal.

1) Wake up early.
– We may feel morning times are not fruitful as night and tend to wake up late with different intention like practice coding, learning or say watch favorite games. It is not good habit. Waking up early has to be complemented with sleeping at night in right time. SLeeping more and less will ultimately hamper you health so, try to keep yourself consistent with sleeping and waking up after enough hour of sleep.

2) Exercise
– Excerscise not only makes you physically strong but also makes you prepared mentally. It will help you to keep your heads up in every situations and face challenges too. Beside strentgh, it also devleops optimism, positive attitude within you and move ahead effectively and release the fear of failure from mind. Make exercise fun so that you can keep it up every morning.

3) Keep reading, Keep writing and Keep sharing
– Reading is the most powerful way to boost your mind and make youself aware of all the happenings, changes around you. Reading anything of any faculty will make you aware amd develop a inner leader who can use knowledge at time of requirement. Beyond reading writing and sharing one’s writing will make you more closer to other. Doing so will give you an oppurtunity to express yourseld and get feedback on your writing and improve your understanding.

4) Work 4 hours
– Prepare yourself with a goal of working 4 hours a day on the field of your interest of internship. This will help you to show you skill to the companies whom you may express your intention of internship. As such companies will entertain if you are skilled enough so this habit will eventually be helpful to impress such companies. Beside this it will help you to face different difficulties in course of your practice and the solution you came with to overcome such condition. It will also assist you to create positive attitude towards problems and intention to overcome it.

5) Finding companies to apply
– In Today’s digital world you need not to visit companies and commute to search offices to apply for. Internet and Email has been great solution for it. However you need to be attentive while applyying for internship as you are qualified and eligible for it or not. So one need to research and study the companies while applying. Beside it you need to be skille at below things
-Creating email with application interest of internship
-Finding companies and email addresses
-Send emails
-Send a follow-up emails

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